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What we do.....

MACE is dedicated to expanding opportunities and improving performing arts for children.  Based in Aliso Viejo, California, MACE's mission is to fundraise to support local school theater companies, as well as to provide greater opportunities for child actors through its JET Arts and Wraith House programs.

Wraith House

     Wraith House is family-owned and operated. We started haunting in 2017 and every year our haunt gets more intense and more professional. This is the passion of our two directors – Matt Murphey & Payton “Tito” Murphey – and it has grown to something the entire family has poured themselves into, with the support of many others in the community.  For example, Todd, Skylar, and Caylin have dedicated themselves to the success of the haunt, simply because they love it, helping build, create, and grow Wraith House at every turn.


     Matt and Tito, and increasingly Tito's younger sisters Nadia and Morgan as well, love the thrill of the scare and the art of the grotesque. They also have a passion for encouraging theatrical endeavors and opportunities for kids and young adults, and they have intentionally designed Wraith House to be primarily an opportunity for teens and young adults to get to express themselves, learn and grow, and transform themselves into an unfamiliar, fantastical character in a world completely different than any they experience anywhere else.  While Wraith House uses top-of-the-line makeup, props, and effects, what is most important is that its actors and crew have fun with their artistic expression and that its customers experience the excitement of being truly terrified, in a safe and respectful environment.

JET Arts

     Located in South Orange County, JET Arts has been welcoming campers ages 6 and up to participate in a wide variety of programs and activities since 2018.  It was started by three high schoolers - Jordan, Elio, and Payton (affectionately known as "Tito") - prompting the "JET" name.  These three teens have a passion for theater and for children that compelled them to find a way to make their dream happen.  Sadly the outgoing "J" in the JET, although still very passionate about theater, has found a different path. Stepping in to fill her role as a choreographer is the amazingly talented Caylin Cholley.  No child has left a JET Arts camp without begging their parents to please bring them back for the next one!

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